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Berrien Towne & Country Quilt Show 2014




The Berrien Towne & Country Quilt Guild was founded in 1983 to promote fellowship among persons interested in all aspects of quilting.   We wish to preserve our quilting heritage and traditions, to encourage quiltmaking and collecting, to promote an appreciation of  fine  design and workmanship , and to continue to improve our skills and education.






Come Join Us   

 We are located in the Southwest Corner of Michigan, near beautiful Lake Michigan. 

We meet the second Thursday of the Months

February thru November.

Social Hour @ 6:30 pm / Meeting @ 7:00 pm

Doors Open @ 6:30 pm

 Stevensville United Methodist Church

5506 Ridge Road

Stevensville, MI 49127

(Ridge Road between John Beers Road & Red Arrow Hwy)





Officers 2014

President:  Peri Hansen

Vice President:   Sandy Scott

Secretary:   Laura Williams

Treasurer:   Sue Woodrick

Asst. Treasurer:   Cindi Shepherd





Welcome From Berrien Towne & Country President


Welcome to another great year to be part of this awesome quilt guild!


2014 will bring us back to the basics of quilting. The Programs Committee has a wonderful lineup of quilting basics, with a few twists and ideas thrown in. I can hardly wait to see what they have in store for us. Think about how quilting was done many years ago… just like our ancestors, we get together in small groups, perhaps it’s at a retreat or a quilt bee or just with a friend or two. We love to learn some new trick or use one of those new tools we “had to have”, and in that process, we share our lives with each other! 

We all love to start new projects or see what our fellow quilters are starting, we love the colors and fabric choices, the patterns and blocks, and the quilting designs! Check out our library if you need ideas. If you’re like most quilters I know, you can’t help yourself from touching all that wonderful material. Just feeling the fabric makes you visualize the finished quilt laying on your bed, or the smiles you get when you give a quilt to a loved one. 

Again, this year will bring an opportunity to help out your community, promoting quilting with the youth fair and making quilts for children that just need their own quilt to love. Community Quilts committee has picked out a great charity for this year. 

2014 is a Quilt Show Year! This is a fantastic event where we showcase all of our guild’s talents, (believe me – we are a VERY talented group, from the beginner’s first quilt to the quilt that is finally finished after 10 years, to the quilt that is stunningly beautiful), we share quilt making with others, and encourage potential new members. I hope everyone gets involved in some way to help put on a successful show. 

We have some exciting activities offered during the guild meetings for this year; Block of the month will go back to the way it used to be with a” bring a block/ take a block “ with a house theme. Fabric of the month is a new exchange that sounds like so much fun, be sure to check it out!

Overall we are going to have a wonderful year! Thank you for being part of it. Has anyone ever asked you how you have the patience to sew all those little pieces together? A great answer is that quilting gives us patience for everything else in life!

                        See you at the meetings,                                    


Peri Hansen    

2014 President 

Berrien Towne & Country Quilters



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